What would it take for me to return to IT

I keep beating this around in my head (this is still incomplete as of Nov 2010)

Professional Development

As a professional tradesman, continuous learning is a requirement for me. It leads me to find out about new opportunities to better the organization I work for. It allows me to self-improve, to network with my peers, pursue educational endeavors, and continue to develop my various certification(s). This directly benefits whomever I'm working for.

Specifically this means that I expect my training to be subsidized by my employer (to whatever degree) and that I expect some reasonable amount of time (per month, per quarter, per year) to pursue educational endeavors. I expect to have concrete numbers to budget against and I expect to be able to preschedule my next years training at start of year. I don't want anything unreasonable but I consider education to be a top priority personally.

Responsibility vs Accountability

If you task me with identifying our needs vs wants, setting out a budget, proposing a solution, etc. then I'll do so. My level of responsibility for the situation scales against my ownership of the solution. If I tell you that you need to replace 10 systems a year and you budget for 1 a year and things break, then I will not sacrifice myself to maintain the situation. If I pitch a solution and we go with it and it doesn't work, then I will bear any reasonable personal cost of time/effort to fix the situation. You will learn quickly that I am conservative in my implementations and rarely get burned by the same issue twice.

Either way I will work with you, but I will not personally let myself develop an ulcer again for something that I clearly, in writing, warned you about. Let me tell you as a professional what you need to do given what you have expressed that you want to do, and let me be accountable for this.

Trust me to fulfill my responsibilities and I will be accountable for my solutions.

My Family

Ultimately everything I do is for my family and I plan to be reasonably involved with them. I understand if there is the odd crunch where I have to work late for long periods but as a general rule I expect to spend time with my wife and kids. I don't care what you want to pay me to work overtime/double overtime, I will not do it indefinitely.


I can not and will not lie. This is a strength of mine. I understand the need within business to withhold information at times, I understand what it means to be a bonded and trusted individual. I have a strong sense of ethics. If you ask me to do things that are unethical, immoral or dishonest then I will refuse. I will not work with organizations that ask me to do things I'm not comfortable with.