2015 Toastmasters Goals

I undertake this public goal setting exercise every year, check out past years:

June 2015: Help an experienced member triple crown

June 2015: Complete a triple crown

June 2015: Lead PGTM into Easy-Speak (completed July 2015)

June 2015: Put myself out of a job as VPE, that is, mentor a capable replacement for January-June term (completed December 2015)

June 2015: Do a club walkabout in January 2016 to refresh myself on every local club

June 2015: Be a stronger club coach for QTM helping getting them out of the club coaching threshold at minimum and ideally get them distinguished (and get my first DTM). Note to self - make the club needs the priority over my own.

June 2015: Attend my first remote district conference (completed September 2015)

June 2015: Get on stage at the remote district conference - dream big, eh? (completed September 2015)

June 2015: Get a Toastmasters story in the local media through whatever means (completed September 2015)

June 2015: Help PGTM define more clearly their club practices as written club policies. Through open discussion let outdated policies "die on the vine" and allow new ones to take root at the club. (completed July 2015)

September 2015: Help PGTM complete the Successful Club Series in its entirety. Try to be one of the first 20 clubs in D96 to do so.

September 2015: Be a credible competitor in the international speech competition - complete at Division at least

January 2016: Develop a proposal for a formal club mentoring program, rather than ad-hoc

January 2016: Develop a working plan for the July-December 2016 Toastmasters term with the intent of either leading the executive or serving as VPE on the executive.