Welcome to the home page of Mike Carr, DTM.

As my blag [sic] says, I am a "self-proclaimed ubergeek, amateur photographer, schnauzer supporter and pocket philosopher". I'm married to the lovely Carol Carr, dad to son Patrick and daughter Hazel.

I'm a Toastmaster from Prince George Toastmasters. I am also a charter member of the Community North Advanced Toastmasters Club. In my Toastmasters career I have served in all club executive capacities as well as the District 21 - Area 41 Governor. When I was Area 41 Governor, I was honored to be awarded the Outstanding Area Governor award for District 21. I have won the District 21 Rising Star award once. I have been awarded the Outstanding Toastmaster award twice locally and once for the District. I was the inaugural winner of the District 96 Doug Anderson award (Toastmaster of the Year) as written about in the PG Citizen. I currently serve as the District 96 Business Analyst (District Statistician) and I hold 60+ Toastmasters designations at last count.

Professionally, I am a Systems Administrator and Project Manager for Winton Homes. I have in the past worked as a Project Manager within our Norpine program, within our custom packages side and through Allpro Building Systems.

I am an IT worker by trade and in particular my experience is in business workflow and systems administration. I've contributed code to Debian and CPAN both. I run code.pachogrande.com where I host some interactive Toastmasters data tools.

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I webmaster for my sister at Bronwyn's Bulldogs.