2014-08-12 D96 Membership Analysis

On August 12, 2014, I was provided a sanitized District member listing (no addresses, no contact information) for the same date which I was able to perform some analysis on for general use. Please feel free to use this information for Toastmasters presentation purposes. If you can share my website URL - wiki.pachogrande.com - and email address mcarr@pachogrande.com then I would appreciate it.

Note that "member" can refer to either "membership payment" or "physical member" which are not the same thing. I've tried to make it clear in my language which I'm referring to.

You should also check out the incredible work that Mike Raffety and George Marshall do. They are a constant inspiration to me.

You can click on any graph within this page to see in high resolution.


Dual Members

Tenure as Toastmaster

Histogram of member tenure

Table of average member tenure per area/division

Box-and-whiskers plot showing average spread of membership tenure by Division.

Gender Split

Gender split by Area:

Division/Area/Club Size

Area Size Table

District 96 Club Size

When do members join?

Membership by Join Month

Random Trivia

A representative D96 club