Eric Hunter is wicked

OK, the short version is that I'm a big Eric Hunter fan. I used to watch him regularly when he played for the Prince George Cougars. I met him once briefly at an autograph session. It was slightly awkward because the rest of the people getting autographs were 12 year old girls but oh well. :)

What do/did I like about Eric Hunter? For me, he's sort of a cross between an Avery and an Ignila. He's a little mouthbox on the ice - he used to regularly make little plays that the refs didn't see that would often force the other player to retaliate and draw penalties. He's a brilliant sniper and very good at reading the play.

Anyways, here are some links to Eric Hunter things:

Feb 19 2010 interview with Eric Hunter - Golden Bears fan Cam interviews Eric. Great little audio clip.

HockeyFuture's summary page

HockeyDB stats

New York Rangers prospect page (Eric was a 6th round draft in 2006)